The Corrs Club Guidelines

  1. Be nice to each other - We are all bound to have differences of opinion from time to time. The secret is to discuss them in a civil manner. You don't have to like everyone, but on this board, you have to be nice to them. Or at least be civil.
  2. Keep it clean - Do not post messages of an explicit sexual nature. The Corrs Club is read by Corrs fans of all ages around the world. Furthermore, our web server does not permit such content on their pages, and by posting such messages, you risk having the site shut down.
  3. Don't insult the Corrs - Notice the phrase "Corrs fans" above. That doesn't mean you have to like everything they do, but if you're just coming to the Corrs Club to insult the Corrs or their fans, don't bother.
  4. Talk about the Corrs - The Corrs Club was set up to provide a forum for Corrs fans to have discussions about The Corrs. This does not mean that all discussions have to be explicitly about the Corrs, but that is the general idea.
  5. Don't play name games - Pick a name and stick with it. We can all see your IP address, and we all know it's you.
  6. Keep the subject short - Don't type long messages in the subject. It just looks silly. Yes, I know, what you have to say is very important, and you really want to be sure we all see your message, but try to resist the urge to do it that way.
  7. Don't distribute bootleg stuff here - The Corrs have been very outspoken about this particular subject. You don't have to agree with them about it, but out of respect for them (and to keep my job easy), please don't use the Corrs Club as a forum to obtain or distribute bootleg recordings.
    (Note: Technically, this includes all copyrighted material, which means all audio and video. But the Corrs have been especially outspoken against the bootleg audio recordings, so that means we're going to be especially attentive to them here on the Corrs Club too.)
  8. Leave the moderating to the moderators - If you disagree with someone, or even if you just plain don't like someone, please don't take it upon yourself to scold them. That's the job of the moderators. If someone is really stepping out of line, or just getting on your nerves, please email one of the moderators and ask them to deal with it. I know some of you are really tactful and capable of handling situations like this very diplomatically, but the simplest, fairest approach to this is to leave the moderating to the moderators.

So those are the general guidelines. Within that framework, practically anything goes. But be warned. This is not an open public forum. It is a tightly moderated private discussion group. We welcome all newcomers, but if you can't abide by these guidelines, your messages will be deleted.

If you have any questions or comments about the Corrs Club, please send an e-mail to : The Corrs Club Team

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